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Top Wedding Must-Have For Your Special Day!

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for both you and your spouse. One area of wedding preparation that is often overlooked is your guest book. This memento will be a lasting reminder of those who chose to celebrate with you on your special day!
Your guest book is an important piece to the beginning of your new chapter. Some guestbooks get overlooked and forgotten about, but an audio guestbook? No way!

All guests love our audio guestbook because it provides them with entertainment and something so special that they know you and your spouse will enjoy later. Traditional guestbooks are great, but hearing the voices of your loved ones is priceless. When guests arrive at your wedding, our vintage rotary phone will be ready to record their sweet sentiments or hilarious memories. The icing on the cake is that they can leave unlimited voicemails during the time of your wedding!
Rather than a regular guestbook, an audio guestbook lets your guests be themselves, leaving room for more relaxed messages that will be worth listening to over and over again. Not to mention, your voicemails can be pressed onto a customized vinyl record for future generations to play. Having your loved ones' voices at the touch of your fingertips will be something you cherish forever. Let us capture every second!


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